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jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

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i do not work out. i consider my job to be somewhat of a workout (even the doctor said there was some validity to that!) and so i use that as an excuse as to why i don’t work out, but really, i just hate it. i have never really been a gym girl (boooooring, even with the tv’s attached to the elliptical) and i can’t stand running. the only thing i have ever really liked are fitness classes (kickboxing, zumba, etc) and yoga. alas, i can’t afford a gym membership– well i can afford it, but i have a pattern of signing up for a gym package, using it for 2 weeks and then letting it fall to the wayside. 

this past weekend as i was planning brunch with a friend, she mentioned she was going to yoga the morning of our brunch. um, can i join? so i signed up for a “new member” unlimited class week long pass and hoped for the best. saturday we did a 1.5 hour yoga class and it was a-maz-ing. i haven’t worked that hard (i.e. sweated that much) in a long time. reward: guilt free eggs benedict.

yesterday i was a little bit sore but mostly happy from my yoga day and signed up for a 5pm de-tox yoga. i didn’t totally realize that de-tox probably meant sweating to death until i was there and the teacher started cranking up the heaters. you do know it’s august in dc, right lady? anyway, after over an hour of sweating and down dogs (and a lot of child’s pose for me, if i’m being honest) i completed my second yoga escapade. 

today my arms and shoulders are so so sore, but i’m happy i went. i have a very busy work week but am hoping to try a few more classes before my week expires and then i will decide if i want to continue on with a pass. i’m thinking i will. 

what workouts do you guys like best? pilates? yoga? running? swimming? 

if you’re in the dc area, i strongly recommend trying out epic yoga in dupont circle. and thanks for hanging in there with me these last few weeks of posting sparingly, i’ve been working on a few projects for the blog, so stay tuned. 

have a wonderful, challenging, rewarding week.