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Spotlight on Story People


i have a habit of collecting cards. i buy them all the time, from stores, stands, flea markets, everywhere!  my sister even got me a card organizing box for my birthday one year (which probably increased my card problem because i started buying them to fit into the specific categories of the card box).

one of the very first cards i ever bought without any intention of sending (i just wanted to keep it because it was so pretty!) was from a little gift shop in stowe, vt, by a small card company called story people. the whimsical artwork by brian andreas is paired with words that speak straight to your heart. i have since picked up their cards wherever i see them and have a whole bookmarks folder of links to their many wonderful prints that i would like to collect for my home. i have gotten them as wedding gifts, christmas gifts, and anniversary gifts and they are always so well received and appreciated. they also range from being wacky and funny to heartfelt and tear-jerking. 

my favorites are their prints and cards but they also have a bunch of other fun gifts — you can get your favorite story on a mug, tote, frame, or even an apron.

here are some of my favorites from their collection.

no words

side by side

one of my all time favorite cards, no more secret

this is the very first card i bought from them about 10 years ago

it now sits on my desk and reminds me to see the beauty all around me


this print hangs right near our door

and it makes me smile every time i walk by

single mind


i hope you’ll stop by story people and see what beautiful and inspirational gifts/cards/prints speak to you!


the craft that started it all


i have done a lot of moving over the past four years since graduating from college (gasp! four years?!) — from college to sarasota, sarasota to tampa, tampa to nashville, nashville to dc, and now i’m on my third home in dc. putting it that way makes me sound like i’ve been a very busy girl! in all my apartments and houses, i’ve never felt quite as settled into a home as i do right now, here in cozy little apartment 802!

when we first moved in, i knew i wanted to do something a little more personal than just sending an email off to everyone that i know to inform them of my new locale, so the idea of an address change card was born. of course, i just thought i’d bounce off to paper source (my happy place) and buy a cute pre-made card boasting “our new home” or something in that vein. 

of course, if that happened, this would be a very boring story. they didn’t have anything like that, so the helpful saleswoman helped me pick out some fun paper, envelopes, and a stamp so that i could go home and make my very own address change cards. 

when i got home i was confronted with the problem of design. umm, now what? i had planned on just filling in my address on a few lines and a “love, k-lee and jesse” at the bottom. not the case anymore. after digging out my measly scrapbooking supplies from about 10 years ago under my bed i found my stencil set and some crayons, and set off on a little trial and error.

here’s the end result! 

creating this small project made me feel so accomplished and happy that a little lightbulb went off above my head– hmm! i like working with paper and making little cards and things! so here i am now; i’ve been talked into a heat embosser and all kinds of craft paraphernalia, have started a blog, and have pretty much lost the use of my dining room table due to a constant state of craft explosion.

what can i say? a hobby was born.