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jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

i had such a fantastic weekend spent with new and old friends. i’ve found that once you graduate from college it becomes¬†so much harder to make new friends– you’re no longer all lumped together in one place where everyone has similar interests and is all the same age. it’s harder to make lasting connections with people when you are busy with work, family, and however else we spend our time. the past few weeks i’ve had the chance to meet and make some new friends and it is so lovely and refreshing to be spending time with new people. friday night we had a game night at our apartment and it was a great mix of people, most of whom we had met and became friends with recently. it was so fun to get to know everyone a little better through games. and what better way to show your true sense of humor than playing apples to apples and cranium!¬†

saturday night i had a nice relaxing dinner with jesse and his grandmother at mon amie gabi. we watched the 30 best olympic moments before we went to dinner and i cried (of course)– i can’t wait for the olympics! my favorite events are definitely the gymnastics. what are yours?

sunday jesse and i went on a treasure hunt at old lucketts antique store in lucketts, virginia. i’m happy to say we found an entry table! once i get it perfectly styled i will share some pictures with you!

last but not least i got to spend some time with my sister’s family sunday evening. my little nephews are growing up so fast! over the past few months they have changed so much. giulio is now a full-fledged little boy, but i still can’t resist picking him up and smothering him with kisses (even though he thinks i’m being silly). and kiran is no longer a perfectly pudgy little baby, but a curious, giggly toddler who lights up a room with his smile. i am going to miss them so much while they’re in italy for the next few weeks!¬†

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend filled with friends (old and new!), family and delicious food, and that you’re ready to take on this new week!