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maxed out


i hate to admit this, because in my head i am very fashion-forward and well dressed, but i am not a trendsetter. there, i said it. i follow trends, i don’t set them. here are some examples of things i thought were the dumbest but now i’ve hopped fully on board…

skinny jeans. um, yep. i thought they were a rework of mom-jeans and i just couldn’t get behind them. except wait a sec, now they’re all that i own. how did i even wear flats or sandals with bootcut or flare jeans? it just doesn’t look right!

toms. i thought they were pretty ugly. like skinny jeans though, how did i wear anything else? i just slip those babies on and my feet are relieved and happy. plus they come in such cute patterns and colors, and the wedges are ADORABLE. i own 3 pairs. not ashamed.

my iphone. ok so i know it’s not really an accessory, but it is probably the most common accessory kept on your person. i scoffed at the iphone when it first came out (same with the ipad to be honest). i have an ipod, i have a phone, i have a computer, what else do i need? i even thought about getting a blackberry (?!?!) when my upgrade came around. but now, oh dear, where would i be without my iphone? probably in the same place, except more bored on the metro, less responsive to emails, and with a lot more things to be plugged into.

i’m sure there are more trends that i have warmed up to over time (please note that rompers and high-waisted pants will probably never make that list) but today i would like to focus on a trend that i am ready to embrace: the maxi dress. when the maxi dress made it’s debut a few years ago i was a little bit perplexed. how do you walk? there’s no way i’m tall enough for that. isn’t it too hot out to wear so much material?

i think i’ll probably always be a short dress/skirt kind of girl, but i think i’m ready to commit to adding a maxi dress to my closet. now i just need to find the perfect one. here are some styles that have inspired me and some options i’m considering.

above is the dress that started it all.

via my pinterest.

the oasis scarf print maxi dress for $91.14 from asos.

  i do love this orange strapless maxi dress

by sky from bloomingdales  for $132 

 the aqua starbright asymmetric maxi dress

from asos for $124.28. sadly sold out.

obviously i’m into orange and florals at the moment…

which is your favorite? any store you always have success when shopping for a maxi dress?