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a little love


peony 2


whether or not you love this holiday, you have to admit it’s a good excuse to channel your inner 8 year old and wear pink and red together, lots of hearts, sparkly baubles, and eat your weight in chocolate. i hope you all have a great day! back to regularly scheduled posting next week.

[also, i’m still knee deep in making valentine’s day cards, so please excuse my tardiness.]


d.i.y. “corkboard” frame


i’ve had this project up my sleeve now since last summer. i dilly-dallied, procrastinated, forgot about it, didn’t have the right tools, etc etc etc. aka i made up a bunch of excuses. glad i got that off my chest.

i found this glorious huge vintage-y empty picture frame at the old luckett’s fair in august for a hefty $10 and decided i wanted to transform it into a cork board for the blank wall by jesse’s side of the bed so he could pin up all the cards i’ve gotten for him (i love buying cards even more than i love making them, ha) over the past few years. in addition to lining the frame with cork, i wanted to cover the cork in burlap and make a crisscrossing pattern in lace so he could just slide the cards into place. jesse loved the idea, i loved the idea, everyone loved the idea.

my first order of business was to procure some cork. i measured the frame and then checked out amazon. turns out they had a cork roll that was the exact same width as the frame: what luck! it would be too long but i figured that was good in case i made any errors (which i was bound to do of course). once the cork arrived i realized i’d have to get some burlap and some lace, and this is where i ran into problems. i’ve had burlap sitting in my cart on etsy for about 3 months and i just never pulled the trigger. other things kept taking precedence over this project and i kept saying “oh i don’t have any burlap yet. i don’t have enough lace.” more excuses.

cut to one chilly january morning while jesse was out of town. i decided i would finally make the frame into a big bulletin board and have it hanging up by the time jesse got home. so i hauled my butt off to joann fabrics and bought up some supplies: burlap, craft glue, wood glue and lace trim. once i got home i unrolled the cork and thought “hmm.. i probably should have unrolled this months ago so that it could flatten out” but i pressed on. i started to trim the cork to the size of the frame and it started ripping. turns out the cork was so thin that every time i put a little bit of pressure onto it, it would rip. ugh. 

i finally got the cork to approximately the right size (with only one small tear) and got started cutting the burlap so that i could essentially wrap the cork with it like a present. however, when i went to glue the burlap to the cork, it wouldn’t stick! after a few more failed attempts, i threw up my hands in frustration, left a giant mess on the living room floor, and sat on the couch and pouted.

later that day i cleaned up the mess, threw away the cork, and brainstormed different ways to make my vision come to life. i decided to staple the lace to the frame and then staple the burlap behind the lace, and then use clothespins to hold the cards to the lace. once i bought a staple gun, i got right to work and the project only took about 20 minutes from start to finish, thank god.


i played around with how i wanted the lace to lay on the frame, and decided on two corners of lace and then two stripes of lace across the frame.


it’s very important that the lace be really taut across the frame so that it doesn’t sag once you pin the cards to it.


measuring, as it always seems to be, was a bit of trial and error.frame4

watch your fingers! this is real life people, i can’t avoid a goofy picture.frame5

not pictured: a quick ironing of the burlap to help it lay flat. (turns out it gets a little wrinkled and lumpy if you ball it up in frustration and shove it under your desk.) make sure to pull the burlap as tight as possible, staple away, and then trim the excess.

admire your handiwork. ignore the thought in the back of your mind that you should have ironed the lace as well. no one has time for that. tell yourself that the clothespins and cards will cover that up.frame7

have your cute boyfriend hang up his cards!frame8the finished product! pardon the iphone photo.


i also covered the clothespins with a red and white patterned washi tape to add just a little extra pizazz (yes, pizazz).

so there you have it, the finally finished cork board that i’ve been talking about for 6 months.

lessons learned: when in doubt, use a staple gun. and always iron your burlap.

jumpstart monday: inspired


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!


it’s a special day today. happy martin luther king jr day everyone, and congratulations to president barack obama on his inauguration. as i was reading so many wonderful, inspiring quotes from such an inspiring leader, i decided to pick this one for its simple yet powerful message.

let’s harbor love instead of hate in our lives, today and all days.

a perfect setting


this past weekend i was reunited with some of my all time favorite people from college for our beautiful, smart, funny friend erin’s long-awaited wedding to handsome, silly, generous chris. these two are one of my favorite couples and it was such an honor and joy to not only be there to see them get married, but to be part of the wedding. erin and i met our freshman year of college and quickly hit it off, sharing a love of literature, women’s studies and coffee. a couple years later when she brought chris up to allegheny to meet her friends, we all knew that he was someone special and would have our gal’s best interests at heart. 

the whole weekend was magical– erin’s dress, chris’ face as she came down the aisle, their first dance song, the glittering lights– but the backdrop was picture perfect. the riverstone estate (a private estate far up in NW PA) was an idyllic setting for my 2 nature-loving, family-oriented friends and was the ideal location for their lovely reception. from the carriages we rode for our entrance to playing corn-hole on the beautifully manicured lawn, the whole evening was fun, love-filled, and picturesque.

don’t believe me? take a look for yourself…


our chariot awaits.

we danced down this hall all night long.

placecards on window frame. (so pinnable!)

burlap & wildflowers.

my favorite. lovely.

officially mr & mrs marron.

the grandest of entrances for the best man, maids of honor, and happy couple.

this picture is so erin. they are the cutest.


alright, i’m done bragging about my beautiful friends. but seriously? most perfect day ever.






2 years ago today, my dad passed away. it is still surreal and heart breaking, but i will always cherish the memories i have of us together, with my family, and with my friends. he was an amazingly funny, thoughtful, and kind person, and i miss him every day. i just wish i had one more phone call, one more dinner date, one more oreo to dunk into milk with him. today, and everyday, i remember my dado.



jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

i can’t believe that it’s august already! where has the summer gone? i can’t say that i’m too sad about fall temperatures, but summer is always so fun and carefree that i will be a little bit sad to see it go.

another of my favorite things about summer is the time i get to spend with jesse; during the spring and fall he is so busy with the soccer season that i feel like we barely get to see each other during the week and then weekends are filled with tournaments and games. this past weekend we got a rare full weekend together and decided to take advantage and take off for the hills (literally!) and stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in virginia’s shenandoah valley. jesse planned everything, from where we stayed at l’auberge provencale to the scenic drive we took on sunday. i just relaxed and relished the time we got to spend together. 

i think that there is something so special about when you know someone so well and are so comfortable in their company that you can simply be without conversation or activity. laying by the pool on saturday afternoon, luxuriating in our room’s claw foot bathtub (i took 3 baths in 15 hours), and driving in silence along peaceful country roads made me realize how thankful and lucky i am to have such wonderful love and companionship with jesse.  this weekend was truly a blessing and i am so happy to have shared it with someone i care about so much.