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as i am gearing up for summer (read: painting my toenails and drinking iced lattes) i realized i have been a very bad reader this winter! it has been a shamefully long time since i have finished a book, which is very unlike me. so the other day i grabbed a tote bag and my overdue library books (which i hadn’t read) and trekked over to the tenley-friendship library. 

i found my mecca. i couldn’t pick up a book without tossing it into my bag. everything sounded so interesting and the crinkly clear plastic around the hardcover bookflaps was like music to my ears! i’ve always been an avid reader and i can’t believe i’ve gone so long without a good book. i blame my iphone for addicting games like fruit ninja along with my move which shortened my commute to work– 8 minutes is not enough time to quench my need to read.

i had recently been considering getting a kindle or nook simply because it can be a little bit annoying carrying around a huge hardcover book for weeks at a time. however, after hitting the library last week i am firmly against it. i know they make a lot of sense for a lot of people and i am not going to judge anyone for having one (because that would just be ridiculous), but they are not for me. nothing beats the feel or smell of a new book to me. what would i possibly fill my bookshelves with? (certainly not craft projects! not yet, anyway) and now that i’ve found a library close to home, i can read to my little heart’s desire without it costing a cent! win-win-win!

what good books are you guys reading right now?