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jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

let’s all strive to take in the beauty of every single day. here’s to a successful, productive, wonderful week!


blog block


as a new blogger, i think i had false notions of myself as a blog goddess. i’ll confess that i had an idea in my head that I would just whip out cute handmade projects and type up a witty, endearing blog post and move on to the next project, and soon i would have an archive of well written, funny, artsy posts. hmph. not the case.  i started this blog kind of on a whim (which is exactly what they tell you not to do in “blogging for dummies” – yes i checked that book out of the library, don’t judge me) and i didn’t really realize how much time it took to write an entry. sure, i could just jot down whatever musings pop into my head every day, but would that be a very interesting blog? maybe… but most likely not so much. here are some obstacles i’m facing in keeping up with my blog:

#1 ok so the biggest one is time. where does it go? damn you The Voice and your weekly 2 hour show that i am totally addicted to (and damn you blake shelton for casting off raelynn). between working over 40 hours a week, staying chummy with my pals, and struggling to keep our small apartment clean and tidy, the days keep slipping by. every night i vow to wake up at 7 and tackle my list of projects, but like clockwork, the next morning i just snooze until the last minute. remember the days when i was a morning person? yeah, me neither.

#2 this might sound like a bit of a copout- but i think that i am over-inspired. with pinterest, all of the lovely blogs i read everyday, and the beautiful spring blooms in DC,  my head is spinning with everyone else’s great ideas. i’m constantly thinking “oh i should make that” or “oh what a great idea” and of course “i need to blog about that” but when i sit down to actually create something, my mind is blank.

#3 because of all the great blogs i read and all the beautiful ideas i see there and on pinterest, i feel a little bit nervous! i know that is totally silly and i should just remain inspired, but i must admit from time to time a little bit of self doubt creeps into my mind and says “ugh your blog isn’t as aesthetically pleasing” or “psh you totally didn’t cut that paper straight.” first of all, are these the things i’m really worrying about right now?! second of all, i need to remind myself that i am a beginner at both blogging and crafting, which, by the way, is the whole reason i embarked on this anyway- to learn and document the process.

so, in the words of usher, this is my confession. now hopefully i can stop putting the pressure on myself to have perfect papersource-worthy craft projects and professional step-by-step photos and can get back to actually creating a thing or two.