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jump start monday



mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!



what are you passionate about? does your career reflect your passions, or does it keep you grounded outside of your work life? have you found your passion yet? i hope you all have a creative, lovely, and passion-filled week!


jumpstart monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!tumblr_mbbucpVKqK1qlict8o1_500


i had a long weekend of work with just a little dash of play mixed in. sundays and mondays are actually the longest days of my week so by the time “jumpstart monday” rolls around i’m usually ready to just crawl into bed.  however, as i was perusing one of my favorite spots for inspiration, i happened upon this image and it just made me smile. even on this dreary, cold, grey day let’s keep in mind the magic of each day filled with wonder, bravery and hope. here’s to a sunny, happy week to you all.


jumpstart monday: inspired


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!


it’s a special day today. happy martin luther king jr day everyone, and congratulations to president barack obama on his inauguration. as i was reading so many wonderful, inspiring quotes from such an inspiring leader, i decided to pick this one for its simple yet powerful message.

let’s harbor love instead of hate in our lives, today and all days.

a perfect setting


this past weekend i was reunited with some of my all time favorite people from college for our beautiful, smart, funny friend erin’s long-awaited wedding to handsome, silly, generous chris. these two are one of my favorite couples and it was such an honor and joy to not only be there to see them get married, but to be part of the wedding. erin and i met our freshman year of college and quickly hit it off, sharing a love of literature, women’s studies and coffee. a couple years later when she brought chris up to allegheny to meet her friends, we all knew that he was someone special and would have our gal’s best interests at heart. 

the whole weekend was magical– erin’s dress, chris’ face as she came down the aisle, their first dance song, the glittering lights– but the backdrop was picture perfect. the riverstone estate (a private estate far up in NW PA) was an idyllic setting for my 2 nature-loving, family-oriented friends and was the ideal location for their lovely reception. from the carriages we rode for our entrance to playing corn-hole on the beautifully manicured lawn, the whole evening was fun, love-filled, and picturesque.

don’t believe me? take a look for yourself…


our chariot awaits.

we danced down this hall all night long.

placecards on window frame. (so pinnable!)

burlap & wildflowers.

my favorite. lovely.

officially mr & mrs marron.

the grandest of entrances for the best man, maids of honor, and happy couple.

this picture is so erin. they are the cutest.


alright, i’m done bragging about my beautiful friends. but seriously? most perfect day ever.


jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

image via

i saw this quote on a notebook while i was doing some serious antiquing in virginia this past weekend. i didn’t buy the notebook (surprising!) but i did snap a picture of the quote because i loved how it seemed to perfectly capture the day that i was having. not only did the quote ring through because i was having a fabulous day of searching through antique stores and collections of vintage and repurposed furniture, but it also serves as a nice reminder to notice the small things, the mundane things that maybe go unnoticed, but collectively make our lives a little bit lovelier. some of the small things that i appreciate are long phone calls with my uncle, random texts from old friends, discovering a delicious new cocktail, eating ice cream out of the carton, and the first sip of coffee in the morning.

what small things collectively make your life great? have a delightful week.



jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!


i happily had a very low key weekend. i did have to work a little bit, but the rest of the weekend was spent with some good quality alone time. jesse had a coaching session all weekend so i spent my mornings drinking coffee, watching movies, and reading blogs. sometimes it’s so nice to have some time to yourself to indulge in your guilty pleasures. 



photoshop knockoff


i don’t have photoshop and i’m not very computer savvy, but i’ve been playing around with opening photos from my computer with preview and then adding text over them. i’ve learned how to download new fonts to my computer, and voila, it’s like photoshop! “fauxtoshop” if you will.

iphone photo, instagram effects, font: channel.

iphone photo, instagram effects, font: sail.

photo by jesse, no effects, font: dutch & harley.

photo by jesse (he’s pretty impressive), no effects, font: book antiqua (from microsoft word).

so there you have it, my fake photoshop skills. do you have any fun photo editing tricks to share? do you have photoshop and do you love it? any favorite fonts to share?

thanks for stopping by and happy saturday!

wish list: coffee


hi, my name is k-lee, and i’m a coffee addict. actually, that’s not even true. i’m an espresso addict. which is probably worse, considering it’s more concentrated caffeine and i need about 3 shots to get my day started.

anyway, it’s an addiction that i am happily at terms with. i love waking up in the morning thinking about the delicious latte i’m about to sip. i love sipping an iced latte in the summertime reading my favorite blogs from the couch. i love reading a book or catching up with an old friend while drinking a latte at starbucks (i know, i know, but it’s on every corner in dc and the best coffee shops are not conveniently located to my caffeine addiction- also, have you ever had their pumpkin spice latte? divine.) i really love coffee ice cream (coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz from ben & jerry’s is the ultimate.) quite simply, lattes are my daily indulgence and i am very content with that.

recently i’ve been working on making a little workspace nook in my apartment. above my desk i have a corkboard with a big chunk of white space next to it where i was hoping to hang up a couple prints. since i like to work at my desk in the morning, i’m usually kept company by a big ol’ iced latte. i think that a coffee print (or two!) would be the perfect visual accessory for this blank space.

here are a couple prints that i really like.

image via

this print is by textured ink, an etsy shop. they have a bunch of really fun prints (kitchen related and otherwise) but i personally love this print because i use that type of espresso maker in my home and the colors are perfect for my space as well.

image via

kellie over at le zoe musings has created some lovely coffee prints for her etsy shop. this one is my favorite but she has lots of cute ones perfect for your kitchen or office. i can’t wait to hang this one up!

image via

pure perfection by madebygirl. lots of covet-worthy things over there including prints, jewelry, and clutches, but this is my favorite print. i’ve had this image pinned for six months now and can’t wait to hang it.

keeping with the coffee theme, i’ve also included a couple other coffee inspired pieces that have caught my eye. 

image via

i believe this mug is by marks & spencer but i can’t find it on their website. perhaps it’s a seasonal thing? it is, after all, only august (sigh).

image via

sweet anthropologie mug, you’re adorable. you never can have too many coffee mugs in my opinion.

image via

last but not least, i stumbled upon this cute coffee cup ring on pinterest and thought it would be a fun way to show  allegiance to a favorite morning stimulant. definitely a sweet little accessory.

do you have a favorite art print that hangs in your home? are you partial to espresso or can you get by on regular coffee? french press? whether it’s coffee, a latte, or something else, i hope you have many reasons to wake up and smile.


Spotlight on Story People


i have a habit of collecting cards. i buy them all the time, from stores, stands, flea markets, everywhere!  my sister even got me a card organizing box for my birthday one year (which probably increased my card problem because i started buying them to fit into the specific categories of the card box).

one of the very first cards i ever bought without any intention of sending (i just wanted to keep it because it was so pretty!) was from a little gift shop in stowe, vt, by a small card company called story people. the whimsical artwork by brian andreas is paired with words that speak straight to your heart. i have since picked up their cards wherever i see them and have a whole bookmarks folder of links to their many wonderful prints that i would like to collect for my home. i have gotten them as wedding gifts, christmas gifts, and anniversary gifts and they are always so well received and appreciated. they also range from being wacky and funny to heartfelt and tear-jerking. 

my favorites are their prints and cards but they also have a bunch of other fun gifts — you can get your favorite story on a mug, tote, frame, or even an apron.

here are some of my favorites from their collection.

no words

side by side

one of my all time favorite cards, no more secret

this is the very first card i bought from them about 10 years ago

it now sits on my desk and reminds me to see the beauty all around me


this print hangs right near our door

and it makes me smile every time i walk by

single mind


i hope you’ll stop by story people and see what beautiful and inspirational gifts/cards/prints speak to you!

jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

i had such a fantastic weekend spent with new and old friends. i’ve found that once you graduate from college it becomes so much harder to make new friends– you’re no longer all lumped together in one place where everyone has similar interests and is all the same age. it’s harder to make lasting connections with people when you are busy with work, family, and however else we spend our time. the past few weeks i’ve had the chance to meet and make some new friends and it is so lovely and refreshing to be spending time with new people. friday night we had a game night at our apartment and it was a great mix of people, most of whom we had met and became friends with recently. it was so fun to get to know everyone a little better through games. and what better way to show your true sense of humor than playing apples to apples and cranium! 

saturday night i had a nice relaxing dinner with jesse and his grandmother at mon amie gabi. we watched the 30 best olympic moments before we went to dinner and i cried (of course)– i can’t wait for the olympics! my favorite events are definitely the gymnastics. what are yours?

sunday jesse and i went on a treasure hunt at old lucketts antique store in lucketts, virginia. i’m happy to say we found an entry table! once i get it perfectly styled i will share some pictures with you!

last but not least i got to spend some time with my sister’s family sunday evening. my little nephews are growing up so fast! over the past few months they have changed so much. giulio is now a full-fledged little boy, but i still can’t resist picking him up and smothering him with kisses (even though he thinks i’m being silly). and kiran is no longer a perfectly pudgy little baby, but a curious, giggly toddler who lights up a room with his smile. i am going to miss them so much while they’re in italy for the next few weeks! 

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend filled with friends (old and new!), family and delicious food, and that you’re ready to take on this new week!