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entryway inspiration


jesse and i have cohabitated splendidly now for 7 months and i am still totally enamored with our apartment (and jesse, of course). at least four times a week one of us grins at the other and says “can you believe we live here?” or “can you believe this is our apartment?” it’s pretty cute, i’ll be honest. our bedroom is huge with a walk in closet, our bathroom and kitchen are decently sized, and our living/dining room is cozy and wonderful while still being functional. 

there is one area that is a little bit lacking though… our entryway. now, we don’t have a lot of space to begin with, but we certainly need something to hold the space together a little bit more. we have a small hanging shelf that we picked up from a thrift store in bethesda and that i painted that holds our keys and laundry card, but it just isn’t enough. i’m craving a piece that will be a resting spot for mail, keys, and where we can corral the clutter that we bring in on a daily basis– because let’s face it, right now it’s ending up on our coffee table– and that drives me c r a z y (especially after i styled it so nicely a few months ago!)

so this is what we’re working with. pardon the heinous iphone photo, but it should give you an idea of what kind of space we have, and how little we’ve done with it.

as of right now, our mail/clutter/tennis racquets/sunscreen/overdue library books kind of all pile up around this wall unit (that is not installed into a wall, obviously). i would love to actually use that wall unit somewhere else in our apartment, but for now it has been stuck here to collect dust and debris.

so sunday i have decided to bribe jesse by taking him to brunch at ted’s bulletin in capitol hill so that afterwards we can peruse the eastern market stands (artwork! jewelry! knick knacks!) and the flea market in hopes of finding ourselves a functional, stylish, perfectly rustic and shabby chic entryway table. i’ve been collecting some inspiring images on pinterest (of course) so here are a few that i think would be great in our little space.

this one is probably my fave. even though it’s way bigger

than any space we have, i adore the color and the

giant mirror. imagine all the fun stuff

i could hide away in those drawers!


this piece is so me it’s not even funny. until recently, i only

bought white furniture. and again with the drawers– drooling! i

love the little shelf on the bottom for various knick knacks or

a basket that could house jesse’s various soccer gear.


this color is so fun don’t you think? i love

all the wonderful details about this piece and 

think it’s a pretty perfect size for the space we have. wouldn’t

mind finding that fabulous mirror as well!


so cute and perfect for a tiny space like ours. i love the 

look of refinished/reclaimed wood and love how this

table has been styled with herbs and found objects.


do you have a favorite from my inspired pictures above? 

wish me luck in my treasure hunt on sunday! i hope you have a wonderful weekend.