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resolutions and how to keep them


last year i had one new years resolution: to floss. unfortunately, it’s also on my resolutions list this year because i didn’t do too great last time around. however, i will prevail! also, dental health is very important. my parents would probably kill me if i messed up my teeth after all the braces, retainers, expanders, head gear (gasp!) they paid for. but i digress, flossing is not my only resolution this year. and since resolutions are probably easier to stick to if you share them on the internet (something about that pesky accountability), i’m going to share mine.

+ flossing regularly. no explanation needed. teeth are a necessary part of my life because i like steak.

+ budget better. i don’t need to be super strict with spreadsheets (i should be, i am just realistic and know that’s not going to happen) but i need to be smarter with my money. like making coffee for myself instead of getting starbucks every day. like not buying that perfect $88 polka dot chambray from j.crew i’ve been eyeing forever, because i already have a perfect chambray shirt that i adore (even if it’s not polka dotted). like taking the metro or the bus instead of a cab even if it’s annoying and takes about 20 times longer. it’s also about 20 times cheaper.

+ blog! i enjoy it so much, i just need to force myself to make time for something that i love but that gets pushed to the wayside so easily because “i’m busy” or “the voice is on” or “i don’t feel like it” or “mmm ice cream.” it’s one of the most rewarding things i’ve started and even though it might be small and trivial, it makes me feel better about myself and more confident and more creative. and those are very important things to feel.

+ write a business plan. now this is obviously a big one and will probably require the whole year since i have absolutely no idea where to start except on the internet, in the library, and by forcing small business owners to get coffee with me. so actually, i do know where to start. remember my post on starting? yeah, it’s scary and overwhelming but there’s no other way to achieve your goals than by putting yourself out there. no one is going to hand you your dream job, unfortunately. they should tell you that in college.

+ spend more time with friends who live in the area. i have a lot of friends who live in the dc area and i barely see them, and it’s baffling. we are all so busy, and all have significant others who of course take up significant amounts of time (in a good way!) but it’s important to keep true friends close, and i’ve been slacking. i want to spend more consistent time with my pals.

+ be grateful. i have so much to be grateful for– my family, my friends, health, love, but also material things. i have so much but because i am a constant blog reader, pinterest pinner, and online peruser, i always find something else that i covet. i am not saying i have to stop admiring pretty things and pinning them to my wish list, but i’m going to make an effort to say “you know what, i’m so incredibly lucky for all that i have” and then maybe i’ll get off my computer and go for a walk and admire the beautiful city where i’m grateful to live.

so there they are. my resolutions. of course, i always want to do daily crunches and push ups and eat healthier things that qualify more as “meals” as opposed to “snacks” and de-clutter but those are general things that i have been working on in my life day in and day out and that i think will always be a struggle for me. i would like to conquer these resolutions above because most of them have tangible products, like if i budget then i can plan a girls trip to italy with my besties from vermont. if i blog i can become a better writer and market myself and my business (see business plan resolution) better, and with a business plan i can start to achieve my career goals. being grateful and seeing my pals will make me a more smiley and happy person and that is just icing on the cake. there.

so now onto the title of this post “and how to keep them” because we all know january is half over and so probably a lot of the resolutions have already been tossed to the wayside. i’ll admit, i’ve only flossed twice. this year. but it’s on my radar. keeping resolutions is really a pain in the butt. we get busy, we fall into old habits, we decide “meh, a muffin top really isn’t that unflattering” etc etc. the problem is holding yourself accountable and remembering why you made the resolutions in the first place. i want flossing to be part of my daily regimen because i don’t want gingivitis. done and done. have you ever googled gingivitis? don’t.

one of my favorite bloggers in the dc area is the hyperbalist. she is probably the funniest person i’ve never met; reading her blog makes me laugh out loud and her writing is so amazing, i actually feel like i know her, which i don’t, so it might be creepy when i talk about her like i do know her. sorry. so anyway, one day as i was reading through her blog archives as people do (don’t they?) she mentioned her new years resolutions and how she wrote them up on pretty paper and framed it and then hung it where she would see it every day. um, hello genius! so i filed that away and now i’m doing it too, and trying to remind myself that making and attaining goals is important even if it’s just to floss. so thank you alina for giving me that brilliant idea and also being hilarious. 


why not turn this into a small craft? break out those stamps.


don’t mind the dust.

i think i’m going to keep it in the bathroom because that’s where i’m guaranteed to go every day (and floss, of course) other than the refrigerator, and it would be weird to have a framed resolutions list just hanging out in the fridge next to the beer and the cheese and the other non-meal items.

do you guys have any resolutions you’d like to share so i can send you annoying emails like “hey how’s exercising 3 times a week going, lazy bones?” (out of love, of course).


on starting



image thanks to maya hayuk via cupcakes for breakfast


why is starting the hardest part? always. for me, it happens very late at night, very early in the morning, and whenever else it’s inconvenient– i become inspired, i write brilliant sentences in my head, and then i can’t get out of bed or i forgot a notebook, or i get distracted by instagram. i have literally been trying to get back into blogging since… my last blog post? three and a half months is a long time to be away from something that i want to be part of my routine so badly. i’m not sure what is stopping me from really dedicating time to something that i care about, except that perhaps i care about it for the wrong reasons.

i love blogs. i read a lot of blogs daily. i am so incredibly inspired by the women who write them (and one man! hey matt logelin, you’re inspiring too.) and as so many blog-readers probably are, a teensy bit jealous of the life that they portray. but that’s just it. it’s a portrayal. many of my favorite bloggers have been very honest about the struggle to be “transparent” on their blogs and to not just post the perfectly styled images, the most out-of-reach outfits, only the perfectly executed craft. and i truly appreciate that. as someone who’s crafts almost never go right the first time (who knew glue gun was so glue-y?) it’s a beautiful fresh perspective when i read that my favorite do-it-all-and-still-look-cute-blogger says she went to bed at 9pm on a friday night because she was so exhausted. hello! that’s me! and i don’t even have 2 businesses to run and 3 twitter accounts to tweet from and a blog to write (oh wait.) but that brings me (slowly, rambling) to my next point: have you ever heard the quote “comparison is the thief of joy”? well it’s lovely. and true. thank you teddy roosevelt.

so maybe my intentions weren’t perfect when i started this blog. i thought it would be sort of easy and fun to make beautiful posts like the pros with original content (wait, you don’t just want to look at my pinterest boards?). it’s not easy. it is fun, of course, and very rewarding, but why i ever thought it would be easy is unknown to me. after taking a little sabbatical if you will, i want to be back. i want to write again. and i even want to craft again, even though it’s a lot harder than it looks. i’ve been brainstorming lots of ideas and have fun, fresh posts on the way. i’m sorry for slacking, but i needed some time off to remember why i started this blog: to get a book deal and free clothes. just kidding, it was originally a way for me to do something, and start writing again, and stay in touch with friends and family. and maybe, maybe, down the road meet some of my favorite bloggers and thank them for inspiring me to start, even before i was really prepared.

so anyway, where have i been the past 3.5 months? well i’ll tell you. the fall is the loveliest time of year, mostly because of the crunchy leaves but also for the building excitement of blazers, excessive carbs, the color burgundy, and not having to ice my coffee. also the trio of holidays cannot be beat- my favorite beloved thanksgiving, christmas, and obviously my birthday.

early in october i took a spur of the moment trip to nantucket, my favorite place. as always, it was too short, but spending time with my sister is just the best. we really are brothers from another mother, except we’re sisters. and she’s hysterical.

then my mom came up to dc on a whim and it was the most fun ever! she stayed with my boyfriend and me and we had the best time shopping, cooking, tasting wine, and we even hosted a little get together where our moms met, successfully!

november brought jesse’s birthday (think brunch, pimms cups, a nap, dinner, and a movie. essentially the most perfect day in our lives.) and going to chicago for thanksgiving. chicago is my favorite city and i don’t even know why. the tall buildings (skyscrapers i believe those are called? i’m not sure, we’re not allowed to have them in dc), the river winding through the city, the magnificent mile, and those two people i love so much, my aunt and uncle. we had the most relaxing trip, discovered a fun bar (sable kitchen and bar in chicago) and i ate so.much.turkey. actually turkey is my least favorite part of the meal, it’s more like the vessel for which i can cram stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce (canned, it always must be canned) into my mouth. in one bite. but whatever, i applaud the turkey for taking on such an important role in my gluttony.

december was an absolute whirlwind. i actually should have blogged because i did more crafting than i’ve ever done in my life. i made all of our christmas tree ornaments, i made all of our party invites, and then i hibernated until my birthday. but seriously, this was the first christmas that jesse and i spent together in our own home so we naturally had to get a tree (a live one. come on.) and listen to christmas music nonstop. my birthday was one of the greatest days of the month and i’m so thankful for my family and friends who helped me celebrate another great year.  the day after my birthday was one of the worst days of the month due to over-consumption on said birthday and i apologize to my parents who had to witness me in that condition. finally, our christmas party, christmas eve and christmas were the three craziest days in a row of the whole year but also the greatest. we played a lot of games (including cards against humanity, which i don’t recommend playing with parents by the way), drank a lot of wine, and ate a lot of delicious food, and therefore it was my favorite three days. there is nothing i love more than games, food, and wine. 

so here we are in the new year. halfway through january. i’ve made some resolutions, which i’ll share (once i weed out the ones i’m failing at. just kidding, that’s cheating.) and i’m excited for the year to come. i’m excited to grow as a blogger, be a grateful friend, and take the scary first steps towards living the life i want to live. as always, i appreciate you reading (especially if you’re still reading, my goodness.) and your support, love, and feedback.

so tell me! 

what are you looking forward to in 2013?