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[lusting after] the entire spring collection at anthropologie. i held off on this shirt yesterday in lieu of the brocade charlie trousers (in grey) which i am obsessed with and can’t wait to wear with every single color under the sun, however, it was not easy.  i tried on about 30 shirts/skirts/dresses and literally wanted to buy them all. after adding up all my “must-haves” and deciding that it simply being a wednesday was not an excuse to spend $450, i just bought the pants. i’m proud of myself for making this budget-savvy decision, but you better believe i went home and pinned everything i tried on. this shirt came dangerously close to coming home with me; i still can’t get over how awesome stripes and florals look together. 

[instagramming] a picture of my new arm party! i’ve been on the hunt for some fun bangles and dainty bracelets (check out the druzy bangle i’ve been lusting after for awhile now) and i finally found the two on the left yesterday at anthropologie (on sale for $9.95 each! a steal!) i love the little bit of sparkle and the pop of teal in the second one from the left. the cream bangle is kate spade (similar) and my watch is michael kors. nice little left wrist arm party if i do say so myself.

[watching] so many guilty pleasure shows! but last night jesse and i watched a new show starring kevin bacon called the following. we had tivo’d it last week and he finally convinced me to watch it last night and it.was.so.good. it was definitely super suspenseful and intense and had some gore as well, but i can’t stop thinking about it. basically there is a serial killer who has developed a cult following to carry out his “master plan” while he is behind bars and an fbi agent (kevin bacon) who is determined to solve the puzzle. it’s kind of like the saw movies (less gory but similarly twisted) meets any crime drama. we watched the second episode on my computer because we hadn’t set up a “season pass” with tivo (don’t worry, we remedied that) and i am anxiously anticipating episode three. it’s not too late to get hooked! it’s on fox on monday nights at 9pm. here is a more in-depth synopsis if you’re interested.

[crafting] a little sneak peek at some valentine’s day cards that might be coming your way soon! i love valentine’s day, not because it means a fancy date with jesse, but because i love any excuse to gorge on chocolate and wear a combination of pink and red in the same outfit. i do like to have a reason to send out homemade cards though, so be on the lookout! 


anatomy of a coffee table


over the last few days my beloved sister has been visiting from nantucket and we have been doing lots of shopping and crafting (and my favorite new hobby- shopping for crafting). i’ve had on my wish list a few things for our apartment, including a decorative tray and a coffee table book. since the sis and i are such expert (read: fanatic) shoppers, i found both over the past few days and have restyled my coffee table. 

“who in the heck “styles” their coffee table?” you may be wondering… well, i’ve noticed a trend as i’ve been blog-stalking (blalking?) recently– all of the amazing women behind the stylish and pretty blogs that i read regularly have very lovely and put-together coffee tables sitting front and center in their lovely and put-together living rooms (in their lovely and put-together homes, where they live their lovely and put-together lives– this could go on and on!) they have stacks of big photo books focused on fashion and home decor, pretty candles, fresh-cut flowers, and no matter how hard i look, i can never spot a speck of dust. how do they do it? my coffee table is usually a mess of pens, notebooks, a computer (or two), some remotes, nail polish, and inevitably crumbs. lots and lots of crumbs.

not anymore, my friends! here is my newly-blossomed coffee table. 

 it’s just what i envisioned in my head! i really wanted to incorporate a little bit of all my favorite pieces from coffee tables i’d admired on other blogs and pinterest- a plant or flowers, a candle, a tray, etc.

my nose was so exhausted yesterday afternoon because i was determined to get a candle while i was shopping. i picked out this little beauty from Trohv (my favorite home decor store in DC, located in takoma in upper northwest) and love that it’s bright pink and was only $13.

i’ve had these coasters for awhile now, but i still get compliments on them all the time. they’re from anthropologie and i bought them in a set of four. brilliantly enough you can buy them separately, which was very handy when someone accidentally dropped one (i won’t name any names…) they also come in a bunch of different colors and aren’t too heinously priced. 

i bought this marimekko tray at another favorite dc decor spot- tabletop located in dupont circle. i obviously LOVE that it has birch trees on it, but it’s also a nice sturdy plastic (without looking cheap) and is the perfect place to corral pens, sunglasses, remotes, and of course those inescapable crumbs. you can even buy the tray online from tabletop.

i aways envy the beautiful flowers on other blogs, and have even tried my hand at growing my own. unfortunately the only plants i can’t seem to kill are my trio of succulents (including one cactus!) and even with that said, my aloe plant is looking a bit worse for wear. i bought the plants from ikea and the metal trough from a thrift store in bethesda.

finally, the pièce de resistance. i couldn’t tear my eyes from this book when i saw it at trohv, but was a little dismayed at the price. i walked away and kept perusing the store, but kept coming back to it. finally i just couldn’t help myself, the huge glossy images spoke to me. the life & love of trees. could it be any more perfect? here are two of my favorite pages.

of course, you can purchase the book on amazon – you’ll even get it cheaper than i did! isn’t it gorgeous?
so there you have it, the coffee table is now complete!
do you have any other suggestions for great coffee table books?