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weekend wish list


this is how i would ideally spend this entire weekend…

morning light nookvia

spending all my time here

mac in bedvia

reading blogsĀ 

books and bedvia

and books

mint and polkabelted peach

top via / bottom via

wearing this or that (while daydreaming of spring, obviously)

raspberry dark chocolate banana breadvia

and eating this.

sounds pretty ideal, right? what’s on your weekend wish list?







2 years ago today, my dad passed away. it is still surreal and heart breaking, but i will always cherish the memories i have of us together, with my family, and with my friends. he was an amazingly funny, thoughtful, and kind person, and i miss him every day. i just wish i had one more phone call, one more dinner date, one more oreo to dunk into milk with him. today, and everyday, i remember my dado.