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peony 2


whether or not you love this holiday, you have to admit it’s a good excuse to channel your inner 8 year old and wear pink and red together, lots of hearts, sparkly baubles, and eat your weight in chocolate. i hope you all have a great day! back to regularly scheduled posting next week.

[also, i’m still knee deep in making valentine’s day cards, so please excuse my tardiness.]


jump start monday



mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!



what are you passionate about? does your career reflect your passions, or does it keep you grounded outside of your work life? have you found your passion yet? i hope you all have a creative, lovely, and passion-filled week!

[this minute thursday]


this minute thursday 3

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[listening to] the joy the baker podcast. obsessively. it features joy the baker and tracy shutterbean and they talk about “un-important-important things” and answer reader’s (random) questions. i listen to them when i’m walking to the metro, doing my grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, basically all the time. i can’t stop. i highly recommend listening to them especially if you have a road trip coming up.

[watching] confession: i watch a lot of tv. i don’t just sit down and flip on the tv and watch whatever, but jesse and i record a lot of shows and spend our nights hanging out and catching up on our shows. last week i mentioned the following (still so good. please watch.) and then jesse mentioned this new medical drama by david e. kelley about surgeons and their monday morning meetings about surgeries gone awry, basically. we watched the first one last night and while it was a little slow to start, i did get into it and i’m looking forward to watching how it evolves. here is a short synopsis of the show if you’re interested. did anyone watch the pilot?

[dining out] at bryan voltaggio’s new restaurant range in friendship heights, dc! jesse and i went on a whim the other night for a late dinner and i was actually blown away by the food and service. it’s mostly small plates and while i’m not always into that (i don’t want to share my scrumptious dinner!) we had a bunch of awesome dishes. some of the stand outs to me were the kale caesar salad with emulsified egg yolk (what!? omg), fried brussels sprouts, and the yellow fin tuna sashimi-ish plate. the cocktails were inventive but strong- yay!

[lusting after] this hot pink satchel by kate spade. the perfect summer satchel. enough said.

what are you guys up to?



jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

roald dahlvia

i absolutely love this quote from roald dahl, one of my all time favorite authors. i’ve been meaning to go back and re-read all of his books for quite some time now, but can’t ever find the time! i’m sure i would get so much more out of them now than i did when i read them when i was 12. 

my favorite roald dahl book is the bfg, what’s yours? do you have any favorite books from your childhood that you’ve re-read as an adult? how did their meaning change? 

[this minute thursday]


this minute thursday 2

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[lusting after] the entire spring collection at anthropologie. i held off on this shirt yesterday in lieu of the brocade charlie trousers (in grey) which i am obsessed with and can’t wait to wear with every single color under the sun, however, it was not easy.  i tried on about 30 shirts/skirts/dresses and literally wanted to buy them all. after adding up all my “must-haves” and deciding that it simply being a wednesday was not an excuse to spend $450, i just bought the pants. i’m proud of myself for making this budget-savvy decision, but you better believe i went home and pinned everything i tried on. this shirt came dangerously close to coming home with me; i still can’t get over how awesome stripes and florals look together. 

[instagramming] a picture of my new arm party! i’ve been on the hunt for some fun bangles and dainty bracelets (check out the druzy bangle i’ve been lusting after for awhile now) and i finally found the two on the left yesterday at anthropologie (on sale for $9.95 each! a steal!) i love the little bit of sparkle and the pop of teal in the second one from the left. the cream bangle is kate spade (similar) and my watch is michael kors. nice little left wrist arm party if i do say so myself.

[watching] so many guilty pleasure shows! but last night jesse and i watched a new show starring kevin bacon called the following. we had tivo’d it last week and he finally convinced me to watch it last night and it was definitely super suspenseful and intense and had some gore as well, but i can’t stop thinking about it. basically there is a serial killer who has developed a cult following to carry out his “master plan” while he is behind bars and an fbi agent (kevin bacon) who is determined to solve the puzzle. it’s kind of like the saw movies (less gory but similarly twisted) meets any crime drama. we watched the second episode on my computer because we hadn’t set up a “season pass” with tivo (don’t worry, we remedied that) and i am anxiously anticipating episode three. it’s not too late to get hooked! it’s on fox on monday nights at 9pm. here is a more in-depth synopsis if you’re interested.

[crafting] a little sneak peek at some valentine’s day cards that might be coming your way soon! i love valentine’s day, not because it means a fancy date with jesse, but because i love any excuse to gorge on chocolate and wear a combination of pink and red in the same outfit. i do like to have a reason to send out homemade cards though, so be on the lookout! 

jumpstart monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!tumblr_mbbucpVKqK1qlict8o1_500


i had a long weekend of work with just a little dash of play mixed in. sundays and mondays are actually the longest days of my week so by the time “jumpstart monday” rolls around i’m usually ready to just crawl into bed.  however, as i was perusing one of my favorite spots for inspiration, i happened upon this image and it just made me smile. even on this dreary, cold, grey day let’s keep in mind the magic of each day filled with wonder, bravery and hope. here’s to a sunny, happy week to you all.


[this minute thursday]


i found a new blog to read! this isn’t surprising at all actually, since i literally could read blogs 24/7. but in one of her first posts i read, breanna rose said she was noticing a trend of bloggers having “currently…” posts as a way to shed light on things going on in their lives. because i adore alliteration (ha!) i’ve decided to make a weekly posting called “this minute thursday” where i can share little peeks into my daily life. besides the obvious that i pretty much overshare in every post (hello flossing!) i love the idea of daily snippets, especially if the categories can ebb and flow with my mood and whim. for example one week i might be working on a big project and i can share a little sneak peek, but another weak maybe i’ll be craft-slackin’. but i’ll probably always be snackin’… ha.


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[pinning] i know many people are over pinterest (those people obviously aren’t as dedicated as i am. hmph) or say it actually drains creativity. however, i love pinterest and while i’ve been pinning less aggressively than in the past, i’m currently using it to collect images for our hopefully soon acquired bar and bar gallery wall. check out my boards for some inspiration! 

[reading] a casual vacancy by j.k. rowling. i’m still early on and having a hard time keeping track of all the characters but i’ve heard that gets easier the more you dive in. i only read the first four harry potter books (i know, sacrilegious to some people) so i was excited to see how her “adult” novel would be. i liker her writing a lot, and it has been fun to look up the british slang i don’t understand. i don’t think it will become my favorite book of all time because i’m just not hooked on it, but it’s keeping me entertained on the bus.

[on repeat] only you by ellie goulding! this song is so infectious and puts me in the greatest mood ever. i like a few of her other songs, but this one is by far my favorite. other things i’m thumbs-upping (that’s a phrase, right?) on my pandora is anything by florence + the machine (particularly breath of life from the snow white and the huntsmen soundtrack) and countdown by beyonce. still can’t get enough of that song, or her, frankly. i also really like the new and britney spears song: scream & shout, even though it’s pretty dumb. jesse and i like to bump it in the car and pretend we’re dancing like britney- aka basically just moving our arms and shoulders dramatically… overshare? seriously though, watch the video and you’ll see what i mean.

[looking forward to] so much! but specifically the posts that are basically pouring out of my fingertips at the moment! i’m sure i’ll have a lull at some point, but right now i’m loving this momentum. the fourth pic above are some of the notebooks where i’ve been furiously scrawling ideas and full posts while i’m at work, on the metro, and when i wake up in the morning. i’m also looking forward to making some of those aforementioned bar pins into a reality; jesse has befriended a carpenter so we are going to have one custom built for our beloved apartment 802!

any categories you’d like to see next thursday? what are you guys currently reading, listening to, looking forward to, or pinning? leave a link to your pinterest if you have one and i’ll follow you (especially if you pin lots of pics of puppies and cocktail recipes, my two favorite things).

jumpstart monday: inspired


mondays can be tough. hopefully this quote can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!


it’s a special day today. happy martin luther king jr day everyone, and congratulations to president barack obama on his inauguration. as i was reading so many wonderful, inspiring quotes from such an inspiring leader, i decided to pick this one for its simple yet powerful message.

let’s harbor love instead of hate in our lives, today and all days.

resolutions and how to keep them


last year i had one new years resolution: to floss. unfortunately, it’s also on my resolutions list this year because i didn’t do too great last time around. however, i will prevail! also, dental health is very important. my parents would probably kill me if i messed up my teeth after all the braces, retainers, expanders, head gear (gasp!) they paid for. but i digress, flossing is not my only resolution this year. and since resolutions are probably easier to stick to if you share them on the internet (something about that pesky accountability), i’m going to share mine.

+ flossing regularly. no explanation needed. teeth are a necessary part of my life because i like steak.

+ budget better. i don’t need to be super strict with spreadsheets (i should be, i am just realistic and know that’s not going to happen) but i need to be smarter with my money. like making coffee for myself instead of getting starbucks every day. like not buying that perfect $88 polka dot chambray from j.crew i’ve been eyeing forever, because i already have a perfect chambray shirt that i adore (even if it’s not polka dotted). like taking the metro or the bus instead of a cab even if it’s annoying and takes about 20 times longer. it’s also about 20 times cheaper.

+ blog! i enjoy it so much, i just need to force myself to make time for something that i love but that gets pushed to the wayside so easily because “i’m busy” or “the voice is on” or “i don’t feel like it” or “mmm ice cream.” it’s one of the most rewarding things i’ve started and even though it might be small and trivial, it makes me feel better about myself and more confident and more creative. and those are very important things to feel.

+ write a business plan. now this is obviously a big one and will probably require the whole year since i have absolutely no idea where to start except on the internet, in the library, and by forcing small business owners to get coffee with me. so actually, i do know where to start. remember my post on starting? yeah, it’s scary and overwhelming but there’s no other way to achieve your goals than by putting yourself out there. no one is going to hand you your dream job, unfortunately. they should tell you that in college.

+ spend more time with friends who live in the area. i have a lot of friends who live in the dc area and i barely see them, and it’s baffling. we are all so busy, and all have significant others who of course take up significant amounts of time (in a good way!) but it’s important to keep true friends close, and i’ve been slacking. i want to spend more consistent time with my pals.

+ be grateful. i have so much to be grateful for– my family, my friends, health, love, but also material things. i have so much but because i am a constant blog reader, pinterest pinner, and online peruser, i always find something else that i covet. i am not saying i have to stop admiring pretty things and pinning them to my wish list, but i’m going to make an effort to say “you know what, i’m so incredibly lucky for all that i have” and then maybe i’ll get off my computer and go for a walk and admire the beautiful city where i’m grateful to live.

so there they are. my resolutions. of course, i always want to do daily crunches and push ups and eat healthier things that qualify more as “meals” as opposed to “snacks” and de-clutter but those are general things that i have been working on in my life day in and day out and that i think will always be a struggle for me. i would like to conquer these resolutions above because most of them have tangible products, like if i budget then i can plan a girls trip to italy with my besties from vermont. if i blog i can become a better writer and market myself and my business (see business plan resolution) better, and with a business plan i can start to achieve my career goals. being grateful and seeing my pals will make me a more smiley and happy person and that is just icing on the cake. there.

so now onto the title of this post “and how to keep them” because we all know january is half over and so probably a lot of the resolutions have already been tossed to the wayside. i’ll admit, i’ve only flossed twice. this year. but it’s on my radar. keeping resolutions is really a pain in the butt. we get busy, we fall into old habits, we decide “meh, a muffin top really isn’t that unflattering” etc etc. the problem is holding yourself accountable and remembering why you made the resolutions in the first place. i want flossing to be part of my daily regimen because i don’t want gingivitis. done and done. have you ever googled gingivitis? don’t.

one of my favorite bloggers in the dc area is the hyperbalist. she is probably the funniest person i’ve never met; reading her blog makes me laugh out loud and her writing is so amazing, i actually feel like i know her, which i don’t, so it might be creepy when i talk about her like i do know her. sorry. so anyway, one day as i was reading through her blog archives as people do (don’t they?) she mentioned her new years resolutions and how she wrote them up on pretty paper and framed it and then hung it where she would see it every day. um, hello genius! so i filed that away and now i’m doing it too, and trying to remind myself that making and attaining goals is important even if it’s just to floss. so thank you alina for giving me that brilliant idea and also being hilarious. 


why not turn this into a small craft? break out those stamps.


don’t mind the dust.

i think i’m going to keep it in the bathroom because that’s where i’m guaranteed to go every day (and floss, of course) other than the refrigerator, and it would be weird to have a framed resolutions list just hanging out in the fridge next to the beer and the cheese and the other non-meal items.

do you guys have any resolutions you’d like to share so i can send you annoying emails like “hey how’s exercising 3 times a week going, lazy bones?” (out of love, of course).

golden globes recap


(alternate title: how i saw basically 2 of the movies and feel like my opinion is valid)

ok so i love fashion as much as the next person. and i of course like to gawk at celebrities; perez hilton was in fact the first blog i actually read on the regular, before i knew people wrote blogs about design, crafts, and fashion.  but i’m a little disappointed that i haven’t read a single opinion of the actual awards and their recipients. maybe it’s because most of the blogs i read are fashion focused more than entertainment focused, but still. the golden globes are one of my personal faves because it’s tv and movies. as so many jokes pointed out, it’s where the beautiful celebrities of hollywood rub elbows with tv’s unbecoming stars. or something. that was the gist i think. anyway, i was very pleased with some of the outcomes and disappointed in others. after writing a review on every single award given last night, i thought i would spare you the 7 pages in a word document and only share with you the ones i had somewhat valid opinions on. 

best motion picture: drama

winner: argo

(also nominated: django unchained, life of pi, lincoln, zero dark thirty)

so i actually only saw one of these five movies, but i was kind of irked that zero dark thirty was included even though it opened the friday before and only in select theaters. i mean i KNOW it’s going to be brilliant because kathryn bigelow is brilliant, but come on, give the other guys a chance. that being said, i was super pleased that it didn’t win just because of hype. the only movie i actually saw was django unchained, which i thoroughly enjoyed. i thought leo, jamie, sam, and christoph (as if we’re on a first name basis) were all brilliant and worthy of awards, as well as q.t. (bahaha i bet if someone called him that he would be super annoyed.) i didn’t see argo, but i love ben affleck and was happy that his movie won because i’ve heard so many amazing things about it and am now even more excited to see it. i’m also thrilled for him since the oscars totally snubbed him on the best film and direction fronts. one final point- where was perks of being a wallflower in these nominations? seriously did anyone see that movie? it was incredible. moving, funny, tragic, and committed to the details. and the acting was superb, especially by patrick (played by ezra miller) and charlie (played by logan lerman).

{{i have nothing to add on the best actor and actress in a motion picture (drama) because i didn’t see any of the movies. all i can say is that jessica chastain (winner for zero dark thirty) seems very likable although her hairstylist should be put in timeout.}}

best motion picture: comedy or musical

winner: les miserables

(also nominated: the best exotic marigold hotel, moonrise kingdom, salmon fishing in the yemen, silver linings playbook)

ok this got me really fired up. FIRST OF ALL i think that the musicals being lumped in with the comedies is a baloney sandwich. i think that musicals should be allowed to fit into either category depending on whether or not they’re a comedy or a drama. because let’s be honest, les mis is not a comedy. i didn’t see the film but i’ve seen the show (thanks aunt rae and uncle hank!) and i cried way more than i laughed. let’s examine the film’s name, shall we? point made. i have heard great things about the best exotic marigold hotel, haven’t heard a lot about salmon fishing in the yemen, but very much liked moonrise kingdom and ADORED silver linings playbook. one of my favorite movies from the past year. bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence were brilliant but more on that later, obviously. i really feel like silver linings playbook got robbed. yes i know that les mis did all their singing live on film which is incredible and doesn’t happen ever, but it just shouldn’t be in this category! ugh!

best actress in a motion picture: comedy or musical

winner: jennifer lawrence, silver linings playbook

(also nominated: emily blunt: salmon fishing in the yemen, judi dench: the best exotic marigold hotel, maggie smith: quartet, meryl streep: hope springs)

i have an unnaturally large girl crush on jennifer lawrence, so i’m undoubtedly pleased that the golden globes recognized her portrayal of tiffany in silver linings playbook. i recently watched winter’s bone and even though i didn’t love the movie, she was also excellent in that as well. and obviously i’m a hunger games freak so let’s be honest, i just like the girl. and man was she up against some toughies! i mean judi dench and meryl streep? it was adorable during her speech when she said “i beat meryl!” i’m not sure why no one really laughed, because obviously everyone was thinking it and jealous of the gal who beat the indestructible, basically undefeated meryl (ok, i’m exaggerating, i can’t back up these stats but honestly, meryl always wins! deservedly! except here. which i can’t provide adequate evidence for since i didn’t see any of the other movies. oops.) i just like j-law ok? she just seems so down to earth and cool and like a normal girl i could actually be friends with. we’d hang out and eat cheeseburgers and chat about cute costars (hers: bradley cooper and liam hemsworth, mine: jesse)

best actor in a motion picture: comedy or musical

winner: hugh jackman, les miserables

(also nominated: jack black: bernie, bradley cooper: silver linings playbook, bill murray: hyde park on hudson, ewan mcgregor: salmon fishing in the yemen)

again with this comedy or musical garbage! i’m sorry, but bradley cooper should’ve won. whatever, i’m bitter. i like hugh jackman, he’s not bad on the eyes, but i was so sad that brad didn’t win… especially since jennifer did. he seemed a bit disappointed, rightfully so, which breaks my heart even more. i just love that he really broke the mold with his prior typecasting and hit it out of the park.

best supporting actress

winner: anne hathaway, les miserables

(also nominated: amy adams: the master, sally field: lincoln, helen hunt: the sessions, nicole kidman: the paperboy)

don’t care, sorry. though i did tear up when anne thanked sally field for showing her that female actresses can grow and mature and go from fun, fluffy roles to serious acting, like anne did with the princess diaries. her agents are probably like “shh don’t mention the princess of genovia” but those movies made here  a family name and i respect that she owned it .

best supporting actor

winner: christoph waltz, django unchained

(also nominated: alan arkin: argo, leo dicaprio: django unchained, philip seymour hoffman: the master, tommy lee jones: lincoln)

yay! i would’ve been super pleased with either christoph waltz or leo winning because they were both superb. i maybe wanted to see leo win slightly more (ever so slightly) because his role was probably more challenging to really commit to (i mean he’s playing a very real, very despicable man) and he committed way more than he has with any of  his supermodels for example… but christoph waltz is a genius and i think he’s just the cutest guy. i feel like q.t. definitely wrote the part for him and i love that loyalty between them.

best director: motion picture

winner: ben affleck, argo

(also nominated: kathryn bigelow: zero dark thirty, ang lee: life of pi, steven spielberg: lincoln, quentin tarantino: django unchained)

wow ben! pat yourself on the back. like jennifer lawrence, you just beat the big dogs. all of them. i mean i really didn’t think he would win, but i’m so pleased he did. now it’s even more abundantly clear that i must go see your film. also your wife is cute. so good job on that too.

i only have a few more comments, i promise. so glad skyfall won for best song in a motion picture. adele is the cutest.  i thought i would have a lot more to say about the television nominees since i watch a lot of tv, but it turns out i’m watching the wrong shows apparently, so i’ll only comment on a few.

best television series: comedy or musical

winner: girls

(also nominated: the big bang theory, episodes, modern family, smash)

so i’m torn on this one. i l-o-v-e modern family. every episode i argue with myself over who is my favorite couple. it’s truly a hilarious tv show. however, hbo did a naughty thing to us and gave us a free weekend conveniently when they were airing the entire first season of girls leading up to the season two premiere. so naturally i got hooked and it was fresh in my mind and i think lena dunham is a badass, so i was pleased with this outcome. i could probably write an entire post dedicated to girls, and i definitely wouldn’t be the first one to do so (alaina of the everygirl writes poignantly on this here)  because it’s so complex and dividing and authentic. but i will spare you. i still love you modern family, but i think this was a deserving win. also, how is smash even nominated? i do in fact tivo this show and watch it, but i cannot stand it. a total waste of time.

best actress in a tv series: comedy or musical

winner: lena dunham, girls

(also nominated: zooey deschanel: new girl, tina fey: 30 rock, julia louis-dreyfus: veep, amy poehler: parks and recreation)

no surprise here. lots of amazing and seasoned actresses in this category though, so a double congrats to lena. i also (like so many other bloggers) was uncomfortable by her walking in heels (or trying to) and her reading from a speech, but i also think she’s endearing and so very real, so i won’t hold it against her. BUT how awkward was aziz ansari when presenting this award though? was he trying (and failing) to be funny or was he just drunk? i felt bad for jason bateman, who is super adorable if you hadn’t noticed.

so there you have it my friends. a very longwinded diatribe of the golden globes, and i even omitted many categories! (you’re welcome) aren’t you excited for the oscars and the emmys now? and let us not forget about the grammys! next time i’ll keep it shorter, although no promises because sometimes i get on a roll and really commit and then can’t help myself.

now it’s your turn– any disappointments with the winners at the golden globes? am i totally wrong about les miserables? what were your favorite movies of 2012? do you have a girl crush on jennifer lawrence too? i’d love to hear your comments!