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[listening to] the joy the baker podcast. obsessively. it features joy the baker and tracy shutterbean and they talk about “un-important-important things” and answer reader’s (random) questions. i listen to them when i’m walking to the metro, doing my grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, basically all the time. i can’t stop. i highly recommend listening to them especially if you have a road trip coming up.

[watching] confession: i watch a lot of tv. i don’t just sit down and flip on the tv and watch whatever, but jesse and i record a lot of shows and spend our nights hanging out and catching up on our shows. last week i mentioned the following (still so good. please watch.) and then jesse mentioned this new medical drama by david e. kelley about surgeons and their monday morning meetings about surgeries gone awry, basically. we watched the first one last night and while it was a little slow to start, i did get into it and i’m looking forward to watching how it evolves. here is a short synopsis of the show if you’re interested. did anyone watch the pilot?

[dining out] at bryan voltaggio’s new restaurant range in friendship heights, dc! jesse and i went on a whim the other night for a late dinner and i was actually blown away by the food and service. it’s mostly small plates and while i’m not always into that (i don’t want to share my scrumptious dinner!) we had a bunch of awesome dishes. some of the stand outs to me were the kale caesar salad with emulsified egg yolk (what!? omg), fried brussels sprouts, and the yellow fin tuna sashimi-ish plate. the cocktails were inventive but strong- yay!

[lusting after] this hot pink satchel by kate spade. the perfect summer satchel. enough said.

what are you guys up to?




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[lusting after] the entire spring collection at anthropologie. i held off on this shirt yesterday in lieu of the brocade charlie trousers (in grey) which i am obsessed with and can’t wait to wear with every single color under the sun, however, it was not easy.  i tried on about 30 shirts/skirts/dresses and literally wanted to buy them all. after adding up all my “must-haves” and deciding that it simply being a wednesday was not an excuse to spend $450, i just bought the pants. i’m proud of myself for making this budget-savvy decision, but you better believe i went home and pinned everything i tried on. this shirt came dangerously close to coming home with me; i still can’t get over how awesome stripes and florals look together. 

[instagramming] a picture of my new arm party! i’ve been on the hunt for some fun bangles and dainty bracelets (check out the druzy bangle i’ve been lusting after for awhile now) and i finally found the two on the left yesterday at anthropologie (on sale for $9.95 each! a steal!) i love the little bit of sparkle and the pop of teal in the second one from the left. the cream bangle is kate spade (similar) and my watch is michael kors. nice little left wrist arm party if i do say so myself.

[watching] so many guilty pleasure shows! but last night jesse and i watched a new show starring kevin bacon called the following. we had tivo’d it last week and he finally convinced me to watch it last night and it was definitely super suspenseful and intense and had some gore as well, but i can’t stop thinking about it. basically there is a serial killer who has developed a cult following to carry out his “master plan” while he is behind bars and an fbi agent (kevin bacon) who is determined to solve the puzzle. it’s kind of like the saw movies (less gory but similarly twisted) meets any crime drama. we watched the second episode on my computer because we hadn’t set up a “season pass” with tivo (don’t worry, we remedied that) and i am anxiously anticipating episode three. it’s not too late to get hooked! it’s on fox on monday nights at 9pm. here is a more in-depth synopsis if you’re interested.

[crafting] a little sneak peek at some valentine’s day cards that might be coming your way soon! i love valentine’s day, not because it means a fancy date with jesse, but because i love any excuse to gorge on chocolate and wear a combination of pink and red in the same outfit. i do like to have a reason to send out homemade cards though, so be on the lookout! 

drooling for druzy


druzy collage

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for my birthday i received a gorgeous green druzy necklace that i’ve been wearing nonstop and i’ve been wanting to add to my collection of druzy pieces. all of these pieces were found from different etsy shops… do you guys get lost on etsy for hours? i can spend an afternoon just ogling all the pretty handmade products, favoriting items, and pinning them. i also love how affordable it is! of course you can splurge on etsy if you choose, but the first three pieces of jewelry above are all under $35. do you have any favorite etsy shops that i should know about?

which is your favorite piece from above? i would love them all!

weekend wish list


as i prepare for the coming weekend (yay!) here are some things i’m wishing for…



someone to make me these delicious looking pancakes. i mean, are they serious right now?! i studied the recipe and promptly decided that someone would have to make them for me if i ever want to enjoy them. i do not have that much patience in the kitchen for a three part pancake recipe. sigh.



a big fat bouquet of wintery flowers. is there anything better than getting surprised with flowers? they’re so romantic and whimsical and i love how they make my apartment feel even more cozy, lived in, and colorful.



snow! i know i might be in the minority here, but i really want this city to be coated in white. since i’ve lived in dc i’ve only experienced one actual snowfall where there was enough snow to build a snowman. which i did, of course. and it was two years ago! i’m ready to trudge through the snow, feel it cling to my eyelashes, and have a snowball fight. plus i’d love an excuse to buy either of these sorel boots: option 1  or option 2 (yes, those do link to the journeys website. do you feel 17 again?)


once i come in from building a snowman, i can slip on these appropriately themed snow leopard toms. i actually have a toms addiction, it’s sad. but i spied these in urban outfitters the other day and had a ten minute group text conversation debating them. i didn’t buy them because of my self-imposed “spending diet” but you better believe i’ve been thinking about them. 

what do you all have up your sleeve for the weekend? anything you’re wishing for?

maxed out


i hate to admit this, because in my head i am very fashion-forward and well dressed, but i am not a trendsetter. there, i said it. i follow trends, i don’t set them. here are some examples of things i thought were the dumbest but now i’ve hopped fully on board…

skinny jeans. um, yep. i thought they were a rework of mom-jeans and i just couldn’t get behind them. except wait a sec, now they’re all that i own. how did i even wear flats or sandals with bootcut or flare jeans? it just doesn’t look right!

toms. i thought they were pretty ugly. like skinny jeans though, how did i wear anything else? i just slip those babies on and my feet are relieved and happy. plus they come in such cute patterns and colors, and the wedges are ADORABLE. i own 3 pairs. not ashamed.

my iphone. ok so i know it’s not really an accessory, but it is probably the most common accessory kept on your person. i scoffed at the iphone when it first came out (same with the ipad to be honest). i have an ipod, i have a phone, i have a computer, what else do i need? i even thought about getting a blackberry (?!?!) when my upgrade came around. but now, oh dear, where would i be without my iphone? probably in the same place, except more bored on the metro, less responsive to emails, and with a lot more things to be plugged into.

i’m sure there are more trends that i have warmed up to over time (please note that rompers and high-waisted pants will probably never make that list) but today i would like to focus on a trend that i am ready to embrace: the maxi dress. when the maxi dress made it’s debut a few years ago i was a little bit perplexed. how do you walk? there’s no way i’m tall enough for that. isn’t it too hot out to wear so much material?

i think i’ll probably always be a short dress/skirt kind of girl, but i think i’m ready to commit to adding a maxi dress to my closet. now i just need to find the perfect one. here are some styles that have inspired me and some options i’m considering.

above is the dress that started it all.

via my pinterest.

the oasis scarf print maxi dress for $91.14 from asos.

  i do love this orange strapless maxi dress

by sky from bloomingdales  for $132 

 the aqua starbright asymmetric maxi dress

from asos for $124.28. sadly sold out.

obviously i’m into orange and florals at the moment…

which is your favorite? any store you always have success when shopping for a maxi dress?

why birch and lace?


welcome to my messy little corner of the blogosphere! 

i decided [yesterday] to start a blog because i was getting knee deep in a craft explosion and thought– wouldn’t that be kind of cool and interesting to start a blog to document my trials and tribulations, successes and woes, glitter messes and glue mishaps as a beginner crafter? plus, i love to write and have kept a journal off and on over the years, so it just seems natural to air my dirty laundry over the internet… i mean share my stories!

of course, i won’t be sticking to just crafts. i’m hoping that this blog will evolve to encompass all sorts of fun little things that delight and inspire me- hence the tagline “curator of lovely.”

in talking with one of my dearest friends a few months ago about my career path (which is less a “path” and more of a starting line that i have yet to cross) i remember saying “i just want to do something that involves pretty things.” well folks, here you have it- a foray into blogging. i hope to write about all manner of things– from things i’m coveting at anthropologie, fun outfits i’m daring to pull off, why i just can’t seem to keep a plant alive, home decor projects at apartment #802, and the craft projects i’m trying out.

but wait a second– the name of this post is “why birch and lace?” ahh yes my dear fans (aka my mom and boyfriend)- the title of this blog. one afternoon as i was daydreaming about my dream job, i came up with the little phrase “birch and lace.” i know it’s not a phrase but actually just a pairing of words, but in my mind it took shape as a symbol of everything i love- elegance, natural beauty, dewy morning light, wispy sheer dresses- you get the idea. birch trees are my (and my boyfriend’s) favorite trees, and lace is by far my favorite fabric- i literally cannot get enough. the phrase has stayed with me over the past few months and when i decided that i wanted to start keeping a blog, it seemed to be the natural fit. 

so with that said, please pardon me as i take over our dining room table in a fit of crafty goodness.

i hope you’ll keep me company along the way!