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a little love


peony 2


whether or not you love this holiday, you have to admit it’s a good excuse to channel your inner 8 year old and wear pink and red together, lots of hearts, sparkly baubles, and eat your weight in chocolate. i hope you all have a great day! back to regularly scheduled posting next week.

[also, i’m still knee deep in making valentine’s day cards, so please excuse my tardiness.]


[this minute thursday]


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[listening to] the joy the baker podcast. obsessively. it features joy the baker and tracy shutterbean and they talk about “un-important-important things” and answer reader’s (random) questions. i listen to them when i’m walking to the metro, doing my grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, basically all the time. i can’t stop. i highly recommend listening to them especially if you have a road trip coming up.

[watching] confession: i watch a lot of tv. i don’t just sit down and flip on the tv and watch whatever, but jesse and i record a lot of shows and spend our nights hanging out and catching up on our shows. last week i mentioned the following (still so good. please watch.) and then jesse mentioned this new medical drama by david e. kelley about surgeons and their monday morning meetings about surgeries gone awry, basically. we watched the first one last night and while it was a little slow to start, i did get into it and i’m looking forward to watching how it evolves. here is a short synopsis of the show if you’re interested. did anyone watch the pilot?

[dining out] at bryan voltaggio’s new restaurant range in friendship heights, dc! jesse and i went on a whim the other night for a late dinner and i was actually blown away by the food and service. it’s mostly small plates and while i’m not always into that (i don’t want to share my scrumptious dinner!) we had a bunch of awesome dishes. some of the stand outs to me were the kale caesar salad with emulsified egg yolk (what!? omg), fried brussels sprouts, and the yellow fin tuna sashimi-ish plate. the cocktails were inventive but strong- yay!

[lusting after] this hot pink satchel by kate spade. the perfect summer satchel. enough said.

what are you guys up to?



jump start monday


mondays can be tough. hopefully this can inspire you to get started on a wonderful week!

roald dahlvia

i absolutely love this quote from roald dahl, one of my all time favorite authors. i’ve been meaning to go back and re-read all of his books for quite some time now, but can’t ever find the time! i’m sure i would get so much more out of them now than i did when i read them when i was 12. 

my favorite roald dahl book is the bfg, what’s yours? do you have any favorite books from your childhood that you’ve re-read as an adult? how did their meaning change?