weekend wish list


as i prepare for the coming weekend (yay!) here are some things i’m wishing for…



someone to make me these delicious looking pancakes. i mean, are they serious right now?! i studied the recipe and promptly decided that someone would have to make them for me if i ever want to enjoy them. i do not have that much patience in the kitchen for a three part pancake recipe. sigh.



a big fat bouquet of wintery flowers. is there anything better than getting surprised with flowers? they’re so romantic and whimsical and i love how they make my apartment feel even more cozy, lived in, and colorful.



snow! i know i might be in the minority here, but i really want this city to be coated in white. since i’ve lived in dc i’ve only experienced one actual snowfall where there was enough snow to build a snowman. which i did, of course. and it was two years ago! i’m ready to trudge through the snow, feel it cling to my eyelashes, and have a snowball fight. plus i’d love an excuse to buy either of these sorel boots: option 1  or option 2 (yes, those do link to the journeys website. do you feel 17 again?)


once i come in from building a snowman, i can slip on these appropriately themed snow leopard toms. i actually have a toms addiction, it’s sad. but i spied these in urban outfitters the other day and had a ten minute group text conversation debating them. i didn’t buy them because of my self-imposed “spending diet” but you better believe i’ve been thinking about them. 

what do you all have up your sleeve for the weekend? anything you’re wishing for?


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