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jumpstart monday: fall edition.


guys, it’s here! it’s fall! my favorite season is finally here!

in lieu of a quote, here are a few images that i love to get you motivated and inspired.




in all honesty though, what is better than fall? i love the crisp mornings, the palpable feeling of change in the air, and don’t even get me started on layering. i know spring is the season of new beginnings, but i always feel so inspired in the fall. because i love lists and love fall, here are some of the reasons fall is my favorite. 

# pumpkin spice lattes. duh. starbucks, the world thanks you for this treat.

# boots. boots & tights. boots & leggings. boots & skinny jeans. boots with the fur. you get the idea.

# turning off the A/C. letting that cool breeze in. 

# new tv. welcome back glee, modern family, the voice, and all the new, promising shows. 

# dozing off to the sounds of football. reminds me of fall in vermont when i was a kid. 

# baking. crank up that oven, it’s chilly out there! pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, apple pie.

# bulky sweaters. (to mask all the baking i’ve been doing/consuming).

# deep moody nail polish. anything burgundy, plum, grey, brown. begone neon!

# back to school mentality: starting fresh, full of opportunity, ready to take on the world.

# fall foliage and back country roads.

# pumpkin carving, fall decor, and crunchy leaves.

just try and tell me you don’t agree.  

september has been lovely in dc, but frankly, i’m most excited for october and november, arguably my two favorite months of the year. this october i’m going to nantucket to visit my sister for almost FOUR whole days. i can’t wait to spend time with her and her family and i will absolutely relish being in my favorite place during my favorite season. two weeks after i get home, my lovely mom is coming to visit from florida! i am already brimming with ideas for us to do while she’s here and can’t wait to have her stay with us in our apartment. dc friends, any fun mom-daughter date ideas?  november is jesse’s birthday and a possible trip to nyc, and my favorite holiday of all time- thanksgiving, and hopefully a trip to chicago. hopefully these two months won’t fly by because i want to enjoy every single second.

do you have any exciting fall plans? have the most amazing week. 



a perfect setting


this past weekend i was reunited with some of my all time favorite people from college for our beautiful, smart, funny friend erin’s long-awaited wedding to handsome, silly, generous chris. these two are one of my favorite couples and it was such an honor and joy to not only be there to see them get married, but to be part of the wedding. erin and i met our freshman year of college and quickly hit it off, sharing a love of literature, women’s studies and coffee. a couple years later when she brought chris up to allegheny to meet her friends, we all knew that he was someone special and would have our gal’s best interests at heart. 

the whole weekend was magical– erin’s dress, chris’ face as she came down the aisle, their first dance song, the glittering lights– but the backdrop was picture perfect. the riverstone estate (a private estate far up in NW PA) was an idyllic setting for my 2 nature-loving, family-oriented friends and was the ideal location for their lovely reception. from the carriages we rode for our entrance to playing corn-hole on the beautifully manicured lawn, the whole evening was fun, love-filled, and picturesque.

don’t believe me? take a look for yourself…


our chariot awaits.

we danced down this hall all night long.

placecards on window frame. (so pinnable!)

burlap & wildflowers.

my favorite. lovely.

officially mr & mrs marron.

the grandest of entrances for the best man, maids of honor, and happy couple.

this picture is so erin. they are the cutest.


alright, i’m done bragging about my beautiful friends. but seriously? most perfect day ever.






2 years ago today, my dad passed away. it is still surreal and heart breaking, but i will always cherish the memories i have of us together, with my family, and with my friends. he was an amazingly funny, thoughtful, and kind person, and i miss him every day. i just wish i had one more phone call, one more dinner date, one more oreo to dunk into milk with him. today, and everyday, i remember my dado.