“Oh, do you use a heat embosser?”


devil words i tell you, that ended up goading me into spending $200 at papersource tuesday afternoon. 

last time i allowed myself to get lost in those magical, colorful, creative aisles i was asked the same question, but was able to fend her off with the “i’m new at this” feeble, innocent lamb look. not this time. armed with the sense of being a more confident crafter (after completing one project mind you) and an excitement of projects to come, i excitedly replied “um, what’s that?!”

cha-ching! the sales assistant’s eyes lit up. “ooh, come with me.” i willingly followed her back to the exclusive craft table. you know- the huge table in the back of the store that’s always covered in stamps, glitter, half-finished projects, and (in my mind anyway) a gaggle of talented, creative minds sharing die-cut secrets over iced lattes… no? that doesn’t happen?

onward. so this lovely associate starts telling me about this heat embossing tool for stamps, and hot damn- it is kind of cool! by sprinkling this magical craft fairy dust powder over your stamp, and then blow drying it with a doll’s hairdryer- i mean the hot pink heat embosser- it transforms your boring old stamp into a shiny, lacquer-y, raised beauty.

but wait! there’s more! endless options are being explained to me at a mile a minute- clear powder over the pigment dyes you already own, so it’s not  a huge investment (uh, lady, i own two stamp pads, i was bluffing), gold, copper, silver powders for your fancy projects, white powder (not cocaine) to really pop out the stamp you are going to use on that navy cardstock i eyed in your basket- oh you don’t have a basket? let me grab you one- ahh! i had opened the pandora’s box of stamping. shit.

“so,” i casually asked, “how much is this heat embosser thingy?”

“oh!” just $23.00!”

my god, why didn’t you say that before, woman?

and i’m back in the game. grab me that basket, i have some shopping to do!


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  1. Hahahaha that was amazing kitten. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! Slash I can’t wait till my birthday! 😄
    Now tweet that link with some hashtags!

  2. again, I am reminded of what a funny, great writer you are…very funny. I can’t wait to see some pictures! Jesse good luck finding the dining room table. You may have to consider the old TV Tables.

  3. Hey….I am waiting patiently to hear more about heat embossing, aisles and aisles of opportunity to delve into the creative world of being creative. Any luck covering the entire dining room table yet…perhaps your dresser, the vanity, the kitchen counters?

    Looking forward to some pics of success!

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